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Getting There & Away


You can reach Estonia by

  • Plane – from major European cities.
  • Boat – from Helsinki, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg*.
  • Bus – from Europe and Russia.
  • Train – from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Riga (connecting).
  • Car – crossing the border from Latvia or Russia or taking a boat from Helsinki or Stockholm.

    *Cruise ship with a route St. Petersburg – Stockholm – Tallinn – St. Petersburg.

By Plane

There are two international airports in Estonia:

  • Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport – main international airport in Estonia, located in the capital Tallinn.
  • Tartu Airport – smaller airport located in Southern-Estonia and currently serving direct flights only from Helsinki.

Direct flights from the UK to Estonia are operated by easyJet (through Gatwick) and Ryanair (through Stansted and Manchester). Schedules are available on the homepage of Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (

Short connections fly through Helsinki, Riga, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Brussels or Frankfurt.

By Boat

There are four shipping companies connecting Tallinn with Helsinki, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg:

Schedules are available on the homepage of Port of Tallinn (

There are also cruise ships going to Estonia, one harbour is located in the very heart of Tallinn (Old City Harbour) and the other one is located in the island of Saaremaa in a little village called Ninase (Saaremaa Harbour). You can find the necessary information about cruises here (

By Bus

There are several international bus routes to/from Estonia. A direct service connects larger cities like Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and Moscow to one or several of Estonia's biggest cities Tallinn, Tartu, Narva or Pärnu. Usually a transfer is necessary when travelling further.

Main Coaches:

  • Lux Express – connects Estonia with Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Finland.
  • Ecolines – connects Estonia with 20 other European countries.
  • Temptrans (EST/RUS only) – connects Estonia with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Eurolines – doesn’t operate in Estonia but is useful when looking for connections.

You can also use Tpilet site to find international bus routes and coaches. But be advised:

  • Although the site is available in English you still have to enter the names of the cities in Estonian. You might need to use a translation tool for this.
  • Only a few coaches allow you to actually buy tickets from this site.

By Train

There are only two direct international lines, both connecting Tallinn and Narva (and some smaller cities) with Russian cities Moscow and St. Petersburg. For routes, schedules and tickets see GO Rail homepage.

It is possible to travel from Latvia to Estonia by train as well but you have to change trains.

First ticket: Riga (Latvia) to Valga (border city between Latvia and Estonia) – tickets can be bought here ( 
Second ticket: Valga to Tartu or Tallinn – tickets can be bought here ( When travelling from Valga to Tallinn a transfer is necessary in Tartu.


Estonia has a land border with two countries: Latvia and Russia.

  • The southern border separating Estonia and Latvia is open to everyone travelling in Europe and you can cross it without border control.
  • The eastern border separating Estonia and Russia can be crossed in Narva (northeast), Koidula (southeast) and Luhamaa (southeast) where there is a border control and a visa is required.

When driving through/from Finland or Sweden a ferry will take you from Helsinki or Stockholm to Tallinn. See chapter “By Sea”.


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