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AngloEstonian Emarketing services for UK officially launched


On Friday, 11 January the Estonian Emarketing Agency for UK - AngloEstonian was officially launched at the Estonian Embassy in London.

The Estonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr Margus Laidre made opening remarks followed by other speakers including  Malthe Sigurdsson from Skype, Sam Michel from Chinwag and Jason Boorman from Blue Barracuda who set the tone of the event perfectly. There was also a 2 minute pitch from each Anglo Estonian company.

According to Robin Gurney M IDM, representing the AngloEstonian, a number of high value, concrete and serious deals are possible, even probable, directly as a result of the launch meeting. “These deals include short and long term outsourcing, setting up production arms and acquisition interest - Estonian New Media sector has increased its footprint, in London anyway,” he wrote in his blog.
The concept of AngloEstonian is to develop a resource to facilitate e-business trade links between English and Estonian business people (especially website designers, software developers, mobile marketing agencies, e-marketing agencies - in SEO, email marketing, online PR etc.).

* AngloEstonian promotes a select group of Estonian new media companies who already have, or wish to have, UK business relationships -especially with agencies.

* AngloEstonian provides UK companies/agencies with reasons to outsource or out-task projects to some of the best Estonian companies in their field.

* AngloEstonian can help identify Estonian companies to assist UK companies who want to promote/export their goods and services to the Baltics (which are a gateway to Russia and Scandinavia)

* AngloEstonian can also assist Estonian exporters penetrate the UK market


Videos of the speeches in YouTube

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Robin Gurney and AngloEstonian representatives


Ambassador Margus Laidre


Malthe Sigurdsson from Skype


Sam Michel from Chinwag

Photos: Marko Leppik , Inspiral/Wiseman


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