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EU leaders agreed on the way forward


Bratislava, 16 September 2016 - The EU heads of state or government agreed on four objectives to allow the EU 27 move forward united.

The EU leaders agreed that Europe cannot allow the reoccurrence of unmanageable migration flows and needs to ensure more effective control of its external borders as well as providing support for member states in ensuring internal security and fighting terrorism. There is a broad consensus amongst the EU heads of state or government that even greater focus should be given to economic growth.

“Terrorism, the migration crisis, and economic and social insecurity are issues of great concern for people across Europe and solutions will have to be found,” said Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas. “Today’s meeting agreed a road map for achieving specific results.”

“There was agreement that common values, peace and stability as well as economic prosperity in a united Europe are huge historical achievements that must be preserved and developed further,” said Rõivas. According to the Prime Minister, the European economy needs a new openness both internally and externally, and free trade agreements and the strengthening of the internal market are the key sources of growth.

“I am delighted that today’s discussions were conducted in a constructive spirit. Despite the fact that one member state has chosen to leave the EU, we need to act together and focus in an open manner on the major concerns of our citizens and consolidate what has been achieved to date while ensuring our future.”

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