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Change of Name


Through marriage in the UK you have the right to keep your old surname or take your spouse’s surname within 1 year after the marriage. You can apply for a new passport/ID-card with your spouse’s surname by submitting your marriage certificate and copy of your spouse’s passport/ID-card. In order to make changes more than 1 year after the marriage or to make any other changes to your name (take both surnames or change your first name) you need to apply for a change of name.

In the UK
it is possible to change your name with a deed poll document:
Most often UK Deed Poll Service is used:
Your deed poll has to be certified in the UK by a solicitor or notary public. After obtaining the deed poll document it has to be legalised at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office:
With the legalised deed poll document we can change your name in the Estonian Population Register and you can apply for a new passport/ID-card with your new name:

An Estonian citizen can also apply for a change of name in Estonia at the Vital Statistics Office in Tallinn:

If required, it is possible to apply for a reissue of your Estonian change of name certificate in English from the Embassy by post. For additional info click here


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